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Fuel/Chemical Tank Truck

20ft/40ft Container Tank

20ft/40ft Container Tank

Description Inner Vessel Outer Vessel
Max.working Pressure MPa 2.40 -0.1
Design Pressure MPa 2.40 -0.1
Pneumatic Test Pressure  MPa 3.25 Leak Test With Helium
Leak Test Pressure MPa 2.40 Leak Test With Helium
Working Temperature ℃ -40 50
Design Temperature ℃ -40 50
Gross Capacity M3 20.5 4.7
Net Capacity M3 19.5 --
Shell Required Thickness mm 21.0 6.00
Head Required Thickness mm 20.8 6.90
Corrosion Allowance mm 0 1
Main Material SA240 304 SA516Gr.70
Main Material of Frame          Q345D
Weld Joint Efficiency Type A 1.0 0.85
Type B 1.0 0.85
NDE For Joints Type A,B NDE Method RT RT
NDE Proportion 100% 20%
Type C,D NDE Method PT MT OR PT
NDE Proportion         100%
Cleaning Procedure Stainless Steel Pickling&Passivated treatment
Container Size 6058X2438X2591(LXWXH)
Medium      Liquid CO2
Medium Performance  Non-Flammable
Filling Rate 0.95
Medium Density Kg/m3 ~ 1115
Tare Weight Kg 12250
Design Weight Kg 34000
Payload Kg 21750
Rated Weight 34000
Insulation Type Vacuum &Multi-layer Insulation
Relief Valve Open Pressure MPa 2.52
Relief Valve Open Pressure MPa 2.27
Relief RV Pressure MPa 2.40
Vacuum Design Life 5
Paint, Packing and Transportation /

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