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Car Carrier Trailer

Van Car Carrier Trailer

Van Car Carrier Trailer

Item Specification
Client Guangzhou City Armada Trading Co.,Ltd. China
Vehicle Type 2 axle dual tyres Flatbed - COVER type Car Carrier
Overall dimension
Overall Length 14100
Overall width 2650
Overall Height 3650
Height of Loading Surface /
Chassis Net Weight
Chassis assembly ①Two units of Main Beam Size 360×12,14/16,Material standard Q345A,Overall Weight 3100;②Side Channel Bending [220×75×10,Material Standard Q345A,Overall weight :1100;③ Front and Rear Crossbeam Dimension □200×100×6,Q235A,Overall Weight 100;④Other  Q235A  Profiled Bar Weight :911.
Rear Chassis Assembly ①Upper Side Channel Dimension 240×85×40×8,Q345A,Overall Weight 1250;②Other Q345A Welded Construction or Bending Construction material weight :1600;③ Other Q235A  Profiled Bar Material Weight :2800.
Checked Plate 3 mm Thickness Perforated Plate
Water Tank One Set
Overall Weight 9000 KG
Axle 13 Ton  FUWA Extended Axle,Wheel Track 2000mm; (Two Axles)
Wheel Rim 8.0-20  10 Hole  Wheel Rim;(9 units, With Spare Rim )
Tyre 11.00-R20 PR16    Tyre;(9 Units, With Spare Tyre)  
Suspension System 10 Pcs Leaf Spring
Breaking System Dual Circuit Full Air Breaking, At least One Axle Equipped Emergency Relay Valve Breaking System
Electrical System 24V
King Pin 90# A
Landing Gear One  unit of 14×2 Ton Landing Gear
Painting Normal
Accessory Cover With Protection steel cover
Tool Box One Tool Box :1000×500×500
Additional Parts ①、One Set Hand Control Valve;②、Two Pcs  Air Brake Coils(Outer Dia. Φ150、n=38 fold)③、Two Pcs Air Tank ;④、One 7 Pin Cable(Outer Dia.Φ135、n=38 fold)⑤、Two Sets of  7 Pin and Plug and Socket
Others 32 sets of Catch of Wheel,First-axis Sleeves、Tyre Sleeve、Handle、Hand Chain Blocks Each One Set
  1. Dimension of Chassis Assembly Main Beam :360×12(Upper Flange Thickness 14 mm 、Bottom Flange Thickness 16mm、Middle Flange Thickness 12 mm )

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